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Istel HR-2000 ECG Recorder Software

Application for Istel devices

This Istel ECG App and a mobile Istel HR-2000 ECG Recorder can be used to carry out a quick and easy ECG test. The app can record measurement results, whereas the built-in browser displays records from six limb leads to facilitate test interpretation.

Main App features:
– Displaying electrical conduction of the heart muscle recorder by the Istel HR-2000 ECG Recorder
– Measurement history
– Built-in browser used to display results recorder using six limb leads
– Configuration of operating parameters of the Istel HR-2000 device
– Measurement export to PDF
– Sharing measurements To install Wellness Connected on your mobile android device (via Google Play), click on the button below. Requirements: Android 4.4 or higher

Download the free application