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How  is telemedicine used in daily life?

A monitoring device (blood pressure monitor, scale, or ECG recorder) with a wireless communication module establishes a connection with a mobile device (– e.g. a smartphone), via NFC or Bluetooth. All data is collected, stored, processed and transmitted to an interested party over a GPRS network. In practice, this can be used for:  
  • monitoring patients and therapeutic outcomes
  • consultations with specialists
  • providing remote rehabilitation services
  • video consultations
  • supervision of the elderly
  • emergency medical services


What should be considered when buying the device? Bluetooth or NFC?

Bluetooth is a wireless data transmission technology enabling easy, real time communication between paired devices over a relatively long distance (e.g. across the entire house). It is highly popular, safe and available with many devices.
NFC is an alternative technology which is currently less common. The main advantage of this method is that there is no need to pair the device to start data transmission; it is enough to bring the devices close to each other. This method is user friendly and safe; however, the devices must be placed within a few centimeters of each other.

Operating system

Make sure that your mobile device is compatible with our operating system.

Android the most widely known operating system for mobile devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers (PC) and netbooks.
iOS – Apple Inc. operating system for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
Windows Mobile – operating system dedicated to palmtops and smart phones.

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